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Answer: When we meet with you, our first concern is making sure we understand why you want to do your project, and what you have envisioned. We take time to evaluate your wish list and priorities, and then, based on what you want and need, we develop a Value Based Fee proposal that fits your needs and desires. Our clients have found that they love this model because they decide up front exactly how much they’re comfortable investing, and know that the project will not exceed that amount, unless they decide to change the scope of work.

Answer: When clients come to us, they typically want their project designed and customized to their taste, preferences and timeline. Often, they attempt to do their own work, and have spent hours and hours struggling to make decisions. It looks so easy on HGTV (not real), and there are so many options you can purchase online. Sometimes our clients make mistakes and the result is not what they expected, and the mistakes are costly. Even buying the wrong scale of sofa could cost thousands of dollars, or choosing the wrong material could result in having to repurchase item sooner than planned. Many of our clients have even made the classic NYC mistake of purchasing items that won’t fit into their elevator or through their front door!
Most of our clients are busy professionals who hire us because they don’t have the ability, time or desire to do it themselves, or they’ve tried to do it themselves and quickly realized that even something as seemingly simple as paint selection proved to be a difficult and time-consuming task, with multiple trips to the paint store because they couldn’t find the right shade. They don’t want to go through the time, aggravation and expense of trial and error, with no guarantee that they’ll love what they created.
When clients hire Ultimate Achiever Decor, they get peace of mind knowing that over 10 years of experience and expertise will translate into the space of their dreams for many years to come. As one of our clients recently said her new space ‘gives her a warm creative environment to transform her thoughts to music’. The value to her is priceless, and that’s what we strive for with each client.

Answer: We’re happy to work with contractors, friends and family of yours. However, we always act as your advocate and on your behalf, so if we can offer some other contractors to get competitive bids we will suggest that. As a rule of thumb, we always like to get at least 3 bids on a project, and interview all of the bidders personally so we can help you make the best decision when hiring someone to create your dream space and also to protect one of your biggest investments.

Answer: Absolutely. Once we begin the design process we create a spreadsheet with all of the items that we see will be needed for the project. We have also been working in NYC for many years and have a good sense of construction costs. Please see our post on renovation costs that can serve  as a guide for coming up with your budget. Another great method of figuring a budget in NYC is to plan around 18% of the value of your home. Because of the price of real estate in NYC, increase this budget to 25-40% if you’re in the burbs, or have a larger place.

Answer:  With our extensive experience with similar projects, we can know fairly accurately how long each phase of a project will take because we’ve done it so many times before. One of the reasons why we’re so accurate is that we have a tried and tested team of vendors, subcontractors and contractors that know exactly what we expect and are extremely conscious of customer service, deadlines and quality. Your result is priority, expedited services, an accurate budget and your job getting done on time with the least amount of disruption.

First of all, what is being renovated?   Are you doing a gut renovation?  A partial?  Just a bathroom?  Are you saying “renovation” but really mean “decoration?”

Here are some guidelines that may help (all time frames are estimated):

Furniture, window treatments or wall coverings: most take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to order.  Custom work and foreign ordering can take up to 20 weeks.  If you want to choose your own fabrics, add 2-4 weeks to allow yourself or your designer to shop, help you make your selections and arrange for materials to be forwarded to the manufacturing firm.

Custom closets or built-ins: From design to installation, approximately 2-8 months, depending on your choices. (we’re not talking California Closets here)

Bathroom Renovation: From schematic design to hanging your towels, approximately 8-12 weeks including design time.  Actual time for demolition and construction, approximately 4-6 weeks.

Kitchen Renovation: From design to putting your dishes away, up to 20 weeks.  Actual time for demolition and construction, approximately 4-6 weeks.

Refresh your studio or one-bedroom apartment: (no heavy construction, some furniture, possibly some built-ins), approximately 3-9 months, depending on your choices 

Gut Renovate your studio or one-bedroom apartment: (new walls, new kitchen and bath,electrical work, some or all new furniture) approximately 5-9 months

Refresh your four-bedroom apartment: (no major construction, some furniture, possibly some built-ins or a bathroom upgrade), approximately 5-12 months

Gut Renovate your four-bedroom apartment: (new walls, new kitchen and bath rooms, electrical work, all new furniture), approximately 9-18 months, depending on your choices

Answer:   We understand it can seem like a long time to get items in that we design for you. Our specialty is a custom-crafted, one-of-a-kind experience that’s made to order for your space. I promise you, when you see the workmanship; it will be worth the wait. Our clients pride themselves on the fact that their space isn’t one that could be copied or that anyone else has, but was uniquely designed for them. One of our client in the Hamptons recently shared with us that the thing she valued the most about her home was that was “hers”- That it uniquely reflects her taste and style and her friends don’t have “all of the same things” she does.

Answer:  We certainly can discuss what you had in mind and determine whether or not you would be a good candidate for our services. At Ultimate Achiever Decor we have a specialized team including architects, designers, craftspeople, drafters, vendors and administrative staff. Our specialty is high-end, “turn key” design from the architecture to the pillows on the sofa. Our true value is best expressed on full service, “never lift a finger” design and renovation projects.


We  encourage you to engage our decor solutions specialist so you can experience extraordinary results from a high performance company:


Ultimate Achiever Decor is a full service firm specializing in high end residential projects. The mission of Ultimate Achiever Decor is to create interiors that are timeless, dreamy, original and warm.  Our design team are creatively skilled with a passion for design from different eras, origins, cultures and styles. Our understanding of scale, proportion and design leads us to create well balanced harmonious residential environments.

Our enthusiastic team has a thorough understanding of custom furniture design, restoration, and construction of fine hand crafted furniture and antiques. We love the details, textures and colors that permeate a sophisticated and elegant approach to functional living environments.  Often her projects begin with only one or two rooms and develop into full scale designs and reservations.  We bring your fantasy living space to life and make it functional.

The projects of Ultimate Achiever Decor have taken out top designers coast to coast with clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Hampton’s, Miami, Europe and New York City.

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