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Ultimate Achiever speakers utilizes their vast experience in the field of psychology, transformational leadership coaching and experiential learning to help shake up your audience and provoke the greatness inside of them to live without boundaries and achieve their goals.

If you are seeking a keynote speaker or master of ceremony who is dynamic, engaging and interactive; then you have come to the right place. We guarantee an extraordinary experience with a fresh approach that is tailored to your you and your audience consistently.

“We specialize in lasting impressions.”

Ultimate Achiever offers superb unmatched customer service and client satisfaction guaranteeing a customizable energized keynote ensuring the ultimate experience for you and your audience.

With Ultimate Achiever, your engagement becomes our top priority by handling all contract creation, billing, travel arrangements, and complete management logistical details. You deserve peace of mind and not another company giving you empty promises.

To ensure our commitment to your satisfaction, if by any reason your selected speaker cancels his/her appearance we guarantee the delivery of a replacement speaker that might in fact exceed the abilities of your original choice.

Hershel Strother II captures the hearts and minds of many corporate professionals with energy, fineness and the following insight.

  • How to stay motivated through the challenge
  • How to be right without making other people wrong
  • How to build trust quickly
  • How to get people to choose you or your services/products over others
  • How to get buy-in by letting people see their input in your solutions
  • How to make sure people feel heard and supported
  • How to get people to listen to you and see you as a trusted advisor
  • How to develop a culture of accountability: Avoiding blame game
  • How to laugh at yourself and and let go

Ultimate Achiever is here to be a resource to you and your organization whether you decide to partner with our proven solutions now or later. We became successful by focusing on your needs, your budget requirements and your ROI.

What would it be worth to you if we could help your staff feel more motivated, engaged and vested in the corporate processes?

Infusing continuous support, those three elements typically increase staff productivity by 15% – 35%.Do you want happier more productive and engaged staff? If so, what is that worth to you? Ultimate Achiever guarantees a great ROI for all of our qualified clients. Experience it for yourself.

To further assist you, please think about the following answers before you call or e-mail:

  1. What is your number one priority for this division or organization during this fiscal year?
  2. What do you believe needs to be strengthened in order to support achieving this?
  3. What options have you looked at to achieve this…?
  4. Is there anything that you or your employees are doing that may be getting in the way of achieving this result?
  5. What is unique about your business compared to your competitors?
  6. What was the main reason that you wanted to speak with Ultimate Achiever?
  7. Who will be making the final decisions and who will be in charge of implementation?

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We would like to encourage you to engage our solutions specialist so you can experience extraordinary results from a high performance company:


Companies need motivation at work, especially during these tougher economic times. Senior management must find ways to motivate employees in order to have their people perform at ultimate levels, particularly those in sales and marketing. This is also true for associations and their members. Business motivation is required for any company employee at any level but is even more crucial for those in roles that have more direct consequences on revenues. An obvious example would be the company sales force. Another is customer service staff since they have direct interaction with customers. Dealing with complaining customers day in and day out can be a very demotivating. Production teams can also fall into this category because overall quality is impacted by the efforts of assembly people.

The security of a job is not the only motivating factor among many employees, particularly younger ones. Even though it’s true that people may stay with a company without much motivation from senior management, it doesn’t mean that they will be motivated to perform their jobs at high levels. Quality will suffer as a result. This is why companies still need business motivation at work during both good and bad times. Of course, as a form of business inspiration, it is great to have inspiring company leaders and managers to motivate their staff.  But messages from the same internal people over and over again can grow stale. This is why external motivational speakers can be such a plus during company meetings. External speakers can motivate company audiences in different ways and angles that employees have not been exposed to.  It becomes a fresh source of motivation for the company. External motivational speakers can use examples that are not directly connected to a company’s business but still make them relevant for the audience.

Our team has been on both sides as a motivational speaker and as an audience member, so we can confidently say that the best way for a company to motivate its staff is to bring in an external motivational speaker to address its people and then have senior management regularly reinforce those key messages made by the speaker.  This will help employees stay motivated ensuring consistent success in their respective departments.



  • Provide us with any relevant history?
  • Why you are organising the conference, seminar or tradeshow?
  • Why you need a transformational leadership speaker?
  • What are the specific aims and objectives of the conference?
  • Is there a particular theme?
  • What are the challenges and issues facing management and the company, both past and present?
  • What are the future plans, aims and aspirations for the company?


We all have one thing in common and that is the challenges we face day-to-day. Ultimate Achiever’s passionate inspirational speakers make huge impacts on audiences from all walks of life. Whether speaking to a sales team, volunteers, donors, athletes, support staff, or senior management, these inspirational speakers will provide the motivational boost your audience craves and deserves. We connect and embrace the energy in the room by delivering unique stories of overcoming adversity and achieving goals in the face of impossible odds. Don’t settle for another dry boring speaker that puts your audience to sleep. Give your audience something to talk about. Experience life changing stories today that will leave you more than uplifted, but empowered. Call now and learn how our dynamic speakers can give your event the edge and energy needed for an extraordinary experience. They don’t call us Ultimate Achiever for nothing.

We can all agree that each of us have strengths and weaknesses. We can also agree that a great leader never ends his quest to hone his or her leadership skills. With Ultimate Achiever, you can have an expert transformational leadership speaker with a proven track record that can help your organization achieve extraordinary success by transforming mindsets and revisiting approaches. We are a firm believer that strategic leadership at all levels drives success. Call us today and set up your FREE consultation to learn about our actionable business strategies, leadership techniques, and innovative delivery methods to help lead positive change in your organization through inspirational and motivational keynotes.

Are you looking for a fresh energized experience? Are you looking to mesmerize your audience? With Ultimate Achiever you have come to the right place. Captivating arenas with insightful philosophies and dynamic speeches that can motivate the uninspired is our specialty. Remember ordinary “may” be able to get the job done but extraordinary results with Ultimate Achiever ensures a greater return on your investment. Call us to today see just how far your returns can go.

Our Ultimate Achiever speakers will unleash the economical trends and uncover the issues that impact the market place with a fun interactive approach that leaves your audiences stirring up memorable discussions.  Experience the most for your dollar and call us today.

Ultimate Achiever speakers make use of the latest, cutting-edge technologies in their journalistic endeavors, informing audiences of our ever changing world of artistic media in its purest forms. Take a tour through the minds of some of our top media experts. Call now and schedule your FREE consultation.

Allow our Ultimate Achiever athletes to share their personal stories of tribulation and success. Our sports motivation department understands that even the elite athletes face obstacles and  added pressure to perform at the highest levels consistently.  The journey to the top takes no prisoners and we share wisdom that will ensure your audience remains focused on success.

For an uplifting and spiritual event, Ultimate Achiever reaches out to your audience on their spiritual level touching their hearts with the voice of compassion and the message of faith, love and peace. Any group gathering to seek spiritual guidance and personal growth should call us now to set up a FREE consultation. Our team will pray God leads you to the right speaker for your blessed occasion.


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