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We serve time-strapped, overworked business professionals who desire to bring more fulfillment and meaning into their daily lives but, have a hard time carving out ‘me’ time. Our ideal client truly desires to gain the clarity, focus and energy to do the work they are most passionate about and to experience a life to remember. Our clientele are either thinking about starting a business or are already in business. We have worked with all types of business professionals: celebrities, therapists, doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, teachers, coaches, artists, restaurant owners, business and sales executives, scientists, media professionals, real estate professionals, IT professionals, financial planners and entertainers.


Experience life at a deeper, more purpose driven level that yields greater satisfaction and success! Ultimate Achiever will inspire you to elevate your life to the next level and beyond.


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Are you contemplating receiving life coaching services? If so, you may have asked yourself, “What is Coaching?” Coaching can be counseling, consulting, mentoring, and actually coaching you. Explore the difference and make the best choice appropriate to your circumstance. It’s important to point out there are also some misconceptions about relationship coaching. Coaching is much different from counseling, mentoring, and consulting, even though there are some similarities.

If you are seeking a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, please visit Ultimate Therapy  for more information.

*It is our hope to clarify any questions you may have. If for any reason you need additional information, please do not hesitate to call our coaching staff.

While coaching is motivational to bringing you forward in your life, our definition of coaching is not attending one of our Ultimate Experience Events solely. True coaching is about two people coming together to figure out what the problem is and how to overcome it much like counseling. It’s about exploring your goals and strategic steps on how to achieve those goals.

*It is our hope to clarify any questions you may have. If for any reason you need additional information, please do not hesitate to call our coaching staff.

Ultimate Achiever provides coaching, mentoring, and consulting solutions. This is to serve as a guide to further educate you in your decision making while you explore the specific role you would like us to play in your life. For your convenience  Ultimate Achiever can refer you to our in-house Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist upon request. If there is any reason we are unable to assist you with your specific need, we are committed to referring you to another reputable option.


Counseling helps you deal with past issues that you haven’t resolved yet. When you see a coach, you won’t be talking about your childhood, a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend from two years ago, or anything that happened during your past. However, if you feel that you do need to discuss that to move forward in your life, you need to speak to a counselor/therapist.

Coaching stays in the present to help you move into the future. A personal coach will take what you have now, help you figure out what you want later, and what you need to do to get it.

Of course, if you explore coaching with an issue that needs resolving, you can receive help through it. This is a present issue that you may need help getting through. As long as it’s presenting now, and not something that rooted in the past.


If you feel like you need someone who has walked in your shoes before, you should seek the guidance of a mentor. This is someone who has had the same experience as you and can share what it was like for him or her and what worked in their case.

A coach has had his or her own experience and is sharing experience and techniques that he or she has learned from training and work done with other clients. While this can be very effective, if you are looking for someone who has been through your own personal situation, mentoring is for you.


A consultant is an expert. This person will come into your life or business, search for a problem, and give you a solution. It’s meant to be a short meeting to give you expert advice and that’s it. This is not something you are involved in, like you are with coaching.

In personal coaching, you work with a coach to come up with your own goals. This is your life, so you should be able to figure out what you think is the right solution for your life or business with guidance of someone with experience in business and life. Then a coach will help you achieve those goals by prompting you to set up action steps to achieve those goals. The difference again, you are fully involved in the process.

Now that you know about coaching, is it for you? If you’re feeling stuck in life and you want more from it, you can get that from personal coaching. Ultimate Achiever has a wealth of resources and strategies full of diverse options for you to achieve your goals immediately. You can start or grow a business. Stop smoking and losing weight are other common goals. You have the intellect, ability and our tools to help you achieve sustainable results; so allow our coach to assist you in maximizing your efforts.



Hershel has been coaching me for a while now but when I think about his coaching abilities two instances stand out the most for me. The initial coaching was when I had just found out that I failed the California Bar exam. Being a perfectionist who had never failed at anything academically, it caused me a tremendous amount of pain to find out that after studying countless hours and days I had just failed the exam. Just a few weeks before that, I had ended a two-year relationship with my boyfriend as well. I remember calling Hershel to tell him that I felt like a failure. I did not known of him that well but there was a sense of calmness and comfort about him that I could just pour my heart out! He told me something that shaped the way I looked at every situation from then on. He said: no one is ever too big to fail or too small to succeed!

The second occasion was when I shared with him a complicated romantic situation that I was in. Hershel was able to gently derive enough information despite the sensitiveness of the situation. He was able to proceed with the coaching the way he knew worked best for me. He coached me using my core beliefs in life such as my religious beliefs or main goals in life and then he approached the issue in an interesting way, which was to tell me what a guy would do in a similar situation. The great thing about Hershel is that he can use humor to send across a message that may otherwise be hard to hear. Hershel is a motivated and passionate coach and I highly recommend him.

I just would like to take this time to thank you so much and tell you how appreciative I am of all your work. Everyday your wisdom, insight and inspiration helps me through my transformation and with that comes the blessings found everyday. Truthfully, your efforts may not get the credit and praise you deserve but everyday your making the world a little bit better place for so many lives. Thank you again and keep up the great work.